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This page contains extra information to accompany the
The ABC of EVs: All you need to know about electric vehicles
  event held on the 15th Nov 2018.


The presentations from that evening from Siân Berry, James Lamond and Joe Baker are here.

Q: Why do we need electric vehicles?
Q: How will electric vehicles address air pollution and climate breakdown?
Q: How will we move from ICEs and oil to EVs and (renewable) electricity?
Q: Your next car an ICE or an EV?
A: Moving from the familiar routine of needing of needing to find a ‘petrol station’ before you run out of fuel, to needing to find a chargepoint before you run out of electricity, can seem daunting, and buying a car is a major decision. The most common aspects to be understood include 1) costs, 2) knowing where you can recharge and 3) where to find out about EVs, but thinking about resale values and environmental benefits are also important.
Q: What would move the UK to electric vehicles fastest?
A: Despite policies and support from the Governments, London and Local Authorities there are also disincentives and not enough knowledge by drivers yet to make informed choices about their next car. To move to electric vehicles as quickly as possible some actions follow for 1) the Government, 2) GLA and Local Authorities and 3) Businesses 4) individuals – but these are not exhaustive: