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Community Services

If you would like to participate or help please contact us via the contact form or come along to our Saturday coffee morning at 10A South Grove 10.30 – 12.00

Community Projects

The Community Projects group is a cheerful band of ‘hands-on’ volunteers who enjoy finding practical ways to make Highgate a great place to live and work.

We hold monthly, team ‘tidy-up’ events on Saturday mornings to help combat litter.

We look after the defibrillators outside the Woodman pub on Archway Road and in Pond Square, and ensure volunteers are trained (the British Heart Foundation training video can be seen here).

We look after the Society’s noticeboards; and are renovating the open noticeboards as a service to local businesses and residents.

We look after our red phone boxes and work with the Post Office to get the post boxes repainted.

We work with Camden Council to see the Pond Square public toilets are properly cared for.

We run many other initiatives, including guerrilla gardening in the neglected green spaces around Highgate that need some TLC.

New volunteers welcome – do join us.

Coffee and Computers

On the first Monday of every month – 10.30 to 12.00 – at 10A: help with laptops, tablets and phones while enjoying a free cup of coffee. Click here for more information.

The Highgate Society is also a main sponsor of: Jackson’s Lane Social Lunches, Highgate’s Fair in the Square and the Highgate Christmas Lights.