Planning Guidelines and Building Regulations

There are certain common themes arising from climate change in the policy documents of each of the four boroughs within which Highgate is situated: reduction in energy use to achieve reductions in CO2 emissions, use of renewable energy, conservation of water, flooding. The requirements and recommendations to achieve those changes vary between Boroughs.

What follows is a summary of the planning policies and guidance of each of the four boroughs in relation to the installation of solar panels and other ‘renewables’, such as air source heat pumps. The summary of the changes in Part L of the Building Regulations, which cover England and Wales, attempts to explain what is required to limit heat loss. Heat gain is as important but is not covered.

Not everyone realises that obtaining Planning Permission or Listed Building consent is not the only requirement that allows you to build or alter buildings. There is a raft of regulations but the most significant for any project are the Building Regulations.

If you are considering changes to your property, come along to the Highgate Society’s ‘sounding board’ session every Saturday morning between 10.30am and 12.00 at 10a South Grove in the centre of Highgate. You can come and talk to planning committee members about your ideas over a cup of coffee.

The Building Regulations and Local Planning Authority documents here contain summaries of the information for new buildings and refurbishments relevant to the Highgate area. As the whole of Highgate in all the four boroughs is covered by Conservation Area status, specific requirements apply to most projects and alterations. Listed buildings are subject to more stringent regulation, for example, windows may not be double glazed.

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  • Where alterations are planned for Historic and Traditional buildings the building regulations allow some exemptions to the energy efficiency requirements of Part L1B, but require owners to follow accompanying advice from English Heritage. See here.

    Building Regulations – requirements of Part L on heat loss through walls, roofs, floors, windows, etc.

    Planning Guidelines –   summary regarding solar panels

  • The Greater London Council (GLA) led by the Mayor of London has some powers to require Local Authorities to incorporate environmental measures into their planning processes and regulations. These are published in The London Plan.

    The London Plan chapter 5 Response to Climate Change is the relevant Plan, until it is replaced in 2018 and is primarily concerned with major developments rather than retrofitting typical Highgate Homes.

  • London Borough of Barnet summary of Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) topics including Sustainable Design and Construction; Prudent use of Natural Resources; Sustainabilty checklist for developments.

    London Borough of Camden summary of planning policies including Promoting sustainable design and construction; Water; Energy efficiency; Sustainability assessment tools retrofitting your home and guidance on solar panels; solid wall insulation and double glazing.

    London Borough of Haringey summary of planning policy plus guidance on solar panels.

    London Borough of Islington summary of Core Strategy including CO2 reduction policy.