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Planning Guidelines and Building Regulations for low carbon works in Highgate Conservation Areas

There are certain common themes arising from climate change in the policy documents of each of the four boroughs within which Highgate is situated: reduction in energy use to achieve reductions in CO2 emissions, use of renewable energy, conservation of water, flooding. The requirements and recommendations to achieve those changes vary between Boroughs. Because every Highgate properties is in a Conservation Area the regulations for many low carbon works need to be checked in advance.

If you are considering changes to your property, come along to the Highgate Society’s ‘sounding board’ session every Saturday morning between 10.30am and 12.00 at 10a South Grove in the centre of Highgate. You can come and talk to planning committee members about your ideas over a cup of coffee.

Click the stripes below for more detailed information on when works, such as wall insulation, double glazed windows and solar water heating are ‘permitted development’ or require planning permission in Highgate. There are no ‘article 4 direction’ in Highgate, so variations for these are not covered.

Although the main regulations for installing energy efficiency measures are dictated UK wide there are variations allowed for each Local Authority.

The Local Authorities that control different parts of Highgate have some specific requirements, particularly for measures that can be seen from the highway in conservation areas. see the Conservation Areas page to establish which area a property is in and click on the stripe below for that Local Authority.