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In the Spring of 2017 the Sustainable Living group hosted a series of talks covering the ways that home owners can incorporate energy reduction measures as they refurbish their homes – character, comfort and low carbon.

Our Whole House session On 8th Feb  was chaired and introduced by John Doggart of Superhomes. Energy Chic John Doggart

Russell Smith of Parity Projects and Retrofit Works Assessing the Way Forward for your Home – a Whole House Perspective. Parity Projects

Robert Prewett of Prewett Bizley Architects and Retrofit Academy – Insulation – opportunities and constraints within existing building. Bob Prewett

Peter Rickaby of Rickaby Thompson– No Insulation without Ventilation. Peter Rickaby

Our Windows, Heating and Water session on 15th March was chaired by Elspeth Clements of Clements Porter architects and the Highgate Society. It featured:

Dermot Barnes of Ecodomus – Windows and Doors – Balancing Light, Warmth and Ventilation into your Project. Windows and doors

John Sleeman of Sleeman HeatingHeating and Heating Controls. John Sleeman

Cath Hassell of ech2o – Sustainable Water Solutions for Urban Homes, inc energy efficient plumbing design and use of rainwater outside.Sust water solutions for urban homes Cath Hassell

Our session on Renewable Heat and Power on 19th April was chaired by Cara Jenkinson a council member of the Highgate Society. It featured:

Dermot Barnes of Ecodomus – Solar – PV and Thermal . Dermot Barnes Solar presentation 170317

Edward Sharpley of Franck Energy – Air Source and Ground Heat Pumps. Highgate Society – Air source heat pumps FINAL

Stewart McIlroy of the Muswell Hill Sustainability Group – Wood Burning Stoves. Wood for Heating – Highgate 19 April 2017 stewart mcilroy


For Comfortable, Low Carbon rooms. Average homes use most of their energy on heating their space – particularly lost through walls and draughts.
So we need to plan refurbishments and upgrades:

For Insulation

  • make sure that Ventilation and Air Tightness work together

  • balance Light, Warmth and Ventilation for your windows and doors

  • get optimum Heating Controls for the home

For Water.

  • Design your plumbing to use less energy
  • Look after rainwater

For Clean Electricity.

  • Use sunlight for clean electricity and for free hot water
  • Think about the plusses and minuses of Heat pumps

For Clean Wood burners.

  • Use an approved woodburner with approved wood to maximise heat and minimise emissions