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The ABCs of EVs
15th Nov 2018 – 7pm – 10a South Grove N6 6BS

Electric Vehicles – the way forward?

Limited seats so please register on Event Brite here.

There are so many questions if you are considering purchasing an electric vehicle. 

What are the ranges of the latest model – how many miles can you go on a full charge?  How do I get a home charger installed?  What if I don’t have off-street parking? And what about public charging – how long does it take to charge compared to filling up with petrol?  Will an electric vehicle save money compared to a conventional car – what are the subsidies and incentives provided by national and local government and how does the cost of charging compare to the cost of petrol? 

And there are also many health, climate change and public spaces issues.

Will electric vehicles be better for Air Quality? Will they help reduce carbon emissions? Will they lead to more people concreting over their front-gardens?  Will there be parking space disputes?  Are public charging points cluttering up our pavements?

We will have speakers addressing all aspects of the transition to electric vehicles, refreshments and plenty of opportunities to explore the challenges and opportunities that electric vehicles create.

As it is such a big subject we have additional information on our Electric Vehicles ABC web page here.

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Use your money for good – options for ethical investing

The Highgate Society must stress that neither it, nor its Sustainable Living group give any financial advice whatsover. The material and links given are a selection to enable people to investigate ethical investing further on their own responsibility.

A packed audience came along to the Highgate Society on Wednesday 21st March 2018 to find out about sustainable banking and ethical investing.

To see the slides from the leading sustainable bank, Triodos, from positive investing company Ethex and from Quentin Given, a local Friends of the Earth representative see Use Your Money for Good – Options for Ethical Investing.

This page also has useful information about ethical financial advisors, divestment of pension funds and much more.