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The Planning Committee

The Planning Committee is fundamental to the Society’s over-arching aims and aspirations, protecting the historic environment of the Highgate area while promoting and maintaining its community assets and amenities.

Aims:  The Planning Committee is dedicated to working with residents, businesses and planners towards maintaining Highgate as an enjoyable place to live and work, while protecting the special and unique qualities of its historic and leafy setting. The committee members bring a wide range of background skills to the group, from architecture and heritage to archaeology and tree preservation, but all are keen to safeguard the amenities and character of the Highgate neighbourhood.

What we do:  The Committee meets every month to discuss and analyse recent planning applications and manage responses or guidance as necessary. Many of these are smaller, householder applications for a single property, but wider issues such as the Archway Gyratory or Athlone House, are also discussed. The Committee has participated in or led a number of high profile campaigns at local, regional and national levels, including responding to Government Bills such as the recent Housing and Planning Bill.

For those thinking about redeveloping their property, The Highgate Society Planning Committee can help advise on the best way to proceed through the weekly drop-in surgeries held every Saturday morning at the Society’s offices at 10A, South Grove. This service also extends to the professional advisors working on a development, where the Society’s local knowledge can be invaluable. Finally, the Planning Committee can help those concerned about a development near them, by, for example, giving advice on how to object to a planning application.

10:30-12:30 EVERY SATURDAY



Interested in planning affairs which affect the wider London area? The London Forum is the umbrella group for amenity societies such as the Highgate Society.