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Common Planning Issues

Initial considerations:  

Much of the work proposed in Highgate except that covered by Permitted Development rights [internal link to Permitted Development rights page] will require planning permission.  There is also other non-planning legislation which is covered here.  For general guidance and advice at the outset, please visit the Planning Portal. There is also local legislation which may apply and is outlined here.

You should also be aware that there are many different types of planning permissions; covering trees, householder applications, listed buildings, etc. Read a full list and details of what each requires and/or entails.

Finally, it always recommended that you seek qualified professional advice for your building application. The Royal Institute of British Architects and the Architects Register can both help with this.

How the Highgate Society can help with your planning questions and issues:

The Highgate Society Planning Committee is dedicated to protecting the area’s character, particularly by advocating that the design of alterations and additions is sympathetic to and consistent with the ethos of the original buildings and their settings. Camden and Haringey refer all relevant applications to the Society, and the Planning Committee assesses the need to comment on these based on its experience with local architectural heritage, planning precedents, traffic pressures and many other matters of interest to the local community. Anyone contemplating works on a property in the area is advised and most welcome to contact the Society for advice and tips – all free of charge – prior to making planning applications.

So whether you are proposing work on your own home, or would like to discuss aspects of development in your neighbourhood, we can help.


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Please see the following more detailed information pertaining to:

Highgate Society Sustainable Homes:

We would also urge that if you are initiating any refurbishments on your property, it is a good time to consider whether you might introduce some renewable technologies into your plans. The Sustainable Homes Group can help you with advice and guidance on suitable measures, as well as explain the costs and benefits involved.

Has this information been helpful to you? Please consider joining the Highgate Society today and support us in our community efforts.