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Whole and Partial (Façade Retention) Demolitions

One of the most compelling and attractive features of the Highgate neighbourhood is its surviving original architecture, comprising representative, period buildings from almost all of its history, growth and evolution. Moreover, these buildings are valuable as complete entities, with their rooflines, chimneys, cellular layouts and interior fittings left intact and illustrative of the variety of architectural styles and contextual functions which contribute to the richness of the area’s streetscapes. We appreciate that these historic buildings sometimes pose difficulties to the accommodation of the most up to date living facilities and technologies. But these difficulties are not insurmountable and we are keen to help overcome them wherever possible. The Society also has an enthusiastic and experienced Sustainable Living Group and together, we aim to make sure the integrity of the Conservation Area is appropriately cared for and maintained while promoting the quality of environmental and viable contemporary homes and businesses.

In addition, the Society is anxious to dispel the notion that façade schemes – often the chosen route for redevelopments of the larger homes in the Bishops and Kenwood vicinity – adequately preserve or enhance the character and aspect of the Conservation Area environment, which is itself a statutorily designated heritage asset, entitled to protection under planning policy and legislation.  It is furthermore disappointing and disheartening to witness an apparent return to the anti-conservation views of the 1960s, exemplified by the precept that any older buildings are unsustainable and unfit for modern living, and must as a result be demolished or gutted.