Traffic & Transport

Autumn has seen many challenges and we are currently monitoring the following key issues.

Archway Gyratory review: TfL’s review of the changes at Archway is likely to start in November. We have prepared a document highlighting our concerns and will present this to TfL.

Cycle Super Highway: The proposed CS12 from Archway to North Finchley is now out for consultation with the boroughs.

CPZ review: We have now received stage one of Camden’s CPZ consultation (stage two is to consult with residents) and must respond by 24 November. However, Camden is refusing to give us the ‘after’ parking data results and do not intend to liaise with Haringey, which we find unacceptable. We therefore intend to contact Haringey councillors and Transport people, warn local traders and consider taking it to the local press as we want to stress the importance of Camden and Haringey having the same hours.

CPZ spreadsheets to download

Transport report summer 2016

Bus and traffic on Archway Road