Talk at HS


From time to time the Society organises talks at 10a and local visits.  In January 2018, the third in an annual series of “Travellers Tales”, will focus on Kyrgistan, Armenia and Iran and in July 2018 the Society has been invited on a tour to see the recent developments at Channing School. 

In previous years we have organised visits to the Tamil Temple in Archway Road and to architecturally outstanding homes such as 2 Hampstead Lane.  We welcome suggestions from members about topics and locations that might be the subject of future events.

“Travellers’ Tales from Central Asia”
Sunday, 21st January, 2018 Start at 3.15 
Entry £1 – tea and cake included – non members welcome

This is the third in what is now becoming an annual Highgate Society event – a January afternoon travel talk and tea. Our first, in 2016, featured visits to North America by Catherine Budgett Meakin and to the Andes by Richard Webber.  Last year it was the turn of Michael Hammerson who dusted off his slides and diary account from 1966 to treat us to a wonderful account of his experiences as a young man visiting the battlefields of the American Civil War.

This year our focus shifts to Asia where we will hear travellers’ accounts of visits to the Caucasus and Central Asia that receive very few foreign visitors.

The presenters will whet your appetite for a visit with images of magnificent mountain scenery as well as heritage site of world-wide significance.  This will be presented within a broader discussion of sustainable tourism, the impact of the collapse of the Soviet Union, geo-political uncertainty and social acceptance and resistance to the spread of Western values.  

Do you need a guide to visit these countries?  Or should you join a group? How safe will you be? And how easy is it to engage in meaningful discussion with the views of local people?  Come and hear.

3.15 1: Kyrgistan: Guyonne James
3.40 2: Armenia: Richard Webber
4.05 Questions, answers and discussion in response to talks 1 and 2
4.20 Tea
4.35 3: Iran: Betty Pires + team (the precise members of which are to be confirmed)
5.00     Questions, answers and discussion on practicalities of a central Asia visit.