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highgatesociety @highgatesociety
Highgate Society  @highgatesociety
Raise all your queries and concerns about electric vehicles and new chargepoints springing up at #ABCofEVs at Highg… https://t.co/59T7Et9FwD 
Highgate Society  @highgatesociety
Find out where you will charge up when you get an electric vehicle. #ABCofEVs at Highgate Society 7pm 15th Nov regi… https://t.co/w2NbTP5shG 
Highgate Society  @highgatesociety
Thank you cityoflondon for this wonderful place. Are you enjoying the beautiful coloyrs this weekend? 🍂… https://t.co/LRrKdNcqg3 
Highgate Society  @highgatesociety
Find out about driving costs of EVs versus petrol/diesel. #ABCofEVs at Highgate Society 10A South Grove N6 on 15th… https://t.co/l2nEAE1mW6